Coaching in the USA

Hire a USA Consultant

Price Starting At

✓ Setting up a Foreign Entity
✓ Market Analysis
✓ Competitive Analysis
✓ Marketing Analysis
✓ Modulaire training
✓ Dutch SIB Knowledge Voucher (Subsidy)

USA Market Entry Project

Price Starting At

✓ Introduction to local networks
✓ Introduction to experts
✓ Maintain contacts
✓ Help with a possible US location
✓ Pilot project
✓ Dutch SIB Market Entry Voucher (Subsidy)

USA Partner Search

Price per Hour

Identify and qualify potential partners
✓ $ 109.00 per hour
✓ Project Base
✓ Or fixed number of hours per month

USA Connect

Fee per Connection

Take advantage of our network and experience. Connect directly with the right people.
✓ $ 280.00 per connection
✓ Warm introduction

USA Export Canvas Project

Together with an export coach, you will go through this awareness process in 5 steps.
→ Personal & Online Coaching
→ Export Canvas ®
→ 1-on-1 Advice