Online Marketing and Social Media Management

Minimum contract duration is three months

USA Junior Marketeer

Price per Hour

Marketing Assistant
✓ Marketing Automation
✓ (Virtual) Tradeshows
✓ Advertising and communication

USA Marketing Manager

Price per Hour

Marketing Strategy
✓ Marketing Funnels
✓ Buyer Persona Management
✓ SQL Optimization

USA Online Marketing

Price per Hour

Online Marketing
✓ Online Store
✓ Shopify & Amazon

USA Social Media Manager

Price per Hour

Online Marketing
✓ Linkedin & Facebook
✓ Instagram
✓ Content Calendar Management

USA Trademark Registration

Price Starting At / Customization

Trademarks USPTO
✓ Name Trademarks
✓ Logo Trademarks
✓ Slogan Trademarks
✓ Total Classes of Goods/Services